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I am a versatile individual with a strong technical background focused mainly on software and web development with specialisation in applying this knowledge for biological systems. I am looking to apply my work experience and degree knowledge on leading-edge development projects. I believe that this type of role would utilise both my technical ability and my strong communication skills. A committed and determined individual with strong analytical and problem solving abilities, excellent organisational and planning skills, and is adept at delivering to strict deadlines.


Fountain Of Agape Mission Centre

A fellowship of Christians who love the Gospel, seek to honour God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Framework: Drupal 7
  • Languages: PHP, HTML, MYSQL, JavaScript
  • Bespoke Theme

I am Paul Sharman and I do...

My personal website marketing my skills.

  • Framework: HTML Template developed into a Highly Modified PHP template
  • Languages: PHP, HTML, MYSQL, JavaScript
  • Libraries: JQuery, bootstrap, font-awesome, flexslider, easypiechart, waypoints, masonry

Slipahead Web Services - Demo Site

Whether you need to slipahead of corporate competition, launch an online ecommerce store or you just need a brochure website to inform people about what you do this site offers all these buisness services in web development and design.

  • Built with bespoke website design
  • Languages: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

Synergy Training Group

Synergy Training Group is an innovator and leader in learning and people development. They help organisations and people to succeed and improve through our innovative and robust learning solutions. Synergy Training Group provides learning and development solutions that help clients to become higher-performing organisations.

  • Built with bespoke website template and own custom Content Mangement System
  • Languages: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
  • Has bespoke advanced login, ecommece platform and management of training sessions

Slipback - Demo Site

A website offering genealogy services to the general public.

  • Built with bespoke website design
  • Languages: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL

FPS - Website Managed 2012-2014

FPS Distribution is one of the UK’s leading high-service supply chain solutions providers. Founded in 1934, and employing 1000 people, it operates from 22 sites in the UK. Its core business is based around taking automotive parts, accessories and consumables to market. It gives motor factors up to 6 deliveries daily, and in addition acts as a distribution partner for major brands such as Gates, Castrol, Lucas and others. In recent years it has expanded the markets it serves, now successfully providing partnership distribution services into other sectors.

  • Managed project to live from half built stage
  • Wordpress - Content Management System
  • Plugins - Uses a mixture of custom and external plugins
  • Built search system, contact form
  • Jobs manager intergration with hub website

FPS Hub - Website Managed 2012-2014

Internal site providing value added services include product management and extended sales and marketing services, reducing the costs it takes to increase suppliers market share.

  • CMS: Drupal 6
  • Extensive rebranding and styling and modernised Bespoke theme
  • Wrote bespoke custom modules - Recruitment Processing, Comments Moderation
  • Modified Weather Module, Technical Lookup, Various Front Page Blocks
  • Coded hub+ section backend and theme: Noticeboard, Film Review, Photo of the Day Gallery, Article, Archive
  • Created Views for Gallery's, Christmas Calander
  • Greatly extended the LMS section
  • Updating, refactoring of code to replace legacy PHP scripts
  • Wrote new user logon interface backend
  • Kept up-to-date all installed contrubuted modules
  • Maintained a 150+ page documentation

Partinfo - Website Managed 2012-2014

Part Info brings you reliable and up-to-date automotive technical information from the market's leading brands.

  • Framework: Codeignitor
  • Rewrote website internal structure to work in the correct Module-View Controller (MVC) format
  • Editted Frontpage and added large number of pdf technical documents
  • Added small bepoke CMS and improved login

KES - Website Managed 2007-2010

Archive version of the KES website

  • Built with bespoke PHP template and own Content Mangement System
  • Languages: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
  • Included flash header later replaced with a javaScript based slider
  • Archive and Extensive Gallery
  • School Calander and Notices on frontpage
  • Vacancy, school policys and letters sections

Shakespeare Swords - Website Managed 2007-2010

The club has, without doubt, potentially one of the best coaching teams available to fencing in the UK and has an impressive record, over a number of years, of member's achievements, both nationally and internationally to show for it.

  • A website built to demonstrate my skills
  • Built with bespoke website design and Content Mangement System
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl
  • Has bespoke till system (items can be placed in basket before login)

Starfish Artwork - Demo Site

Starfish Art Work is a place for all you arty needs.

  • Built with bespoke website design and Content Mangement System
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl
  • Has bespoke advanced login, ecommece platform and management

Mass Spectometry in Bioinformatics
- Demo Site

The Mass spectrometer has been a vital part of the analysis of ultra small molecules in measuring their mass. These devices allow for the detection of new and known compounds, and to indicate the possible properties of molecules.

  • Built with bespoke PHP template
  • Languages: PHP, MySQl, CSS

Debtal Clinic - Demo Site

Dentist Clinic in the hearto of Norwich offer cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, crowns.

  • Built with bespoke PHP template
  • Languages: PHP, JavaScript, MySQl



Wormells Website - Demo Site

Trading in Coventry and Warwickshire for over 150 years. Wormells ave devoted to the building of roofs to only the highest standards.

  • Built with bespoke website design
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl

Clapton Manor Hotel - Demo Site

Clopton Manor Hotel is situated in the Gloucester country side. Steeped in history the manor can trace it's roots back to 12 Centurary..

  • A website built to demonstrate my skills
  • Built with bespoke website design
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl

Building Solutions Group - Demo Site

Helping both private and public sector customers reduce costs and risks of maintaining property portfolios.

  • Built with bespoke PHP template
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl, CSS

Garden Tips Website - Demo Site

A helpful and instructive website for people inteseted in the occupation of cultivating a great looking garden.

  • Built with bespoke website design
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl

Genealogy Tips Website

A website produced for work experience purposes created in using HTML & CSS, using tables.

  • A website built to demonstrate my skills
  • Built with bespoke website design
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl

The Access Hub

  • Built with bespoke website design
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl

Paul's Projects Place

A place to view other demo projects I have worked on, with quick access links and demonstrations of the projects.

  • Built with bespoke PHP template
  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, MySQl

Education and Qualifications

Warwick University (2013 - 2014)

Open Studies Certificate: Ecology & Conservation (Distinction)

Cardiff University (2010 - 2011)

Degree: MSc Bioinformatics

Modules Taken
  • Statistical Applications in Bioinformatics, Genetics & Epidemiology,
  • Genetics & Epidemiology,
  • Informatics for the Postgenomics,
  • Case Studies in Bioinformatics,
  • Computing for Bioinformatics,
  • Protein Bioinformatics,
  • Information Systems in Bioinformatics,
  • Machine Learning & Data Mining,

Dissertation: Improving a Program for Interrogating a Database of Heart Cell Signalling Data

Warwickshire College (2007 - 2009)

City & Guilds, Level 3 Advanced Diploma for IT Users (Distinction):

  • Level 3 Modules Taken:IT Principles, Designing & Creating Relational Databases, Designing and Creating Advanced Websites,

    Level 2 Modules Taken: Creating and Designing Multipage Websites,
    Creating and Designing Websites using Web Animation and Web Graphics,

University of East Anglia (2003 - 2006)

Degree: Bachelor of Science with 2:1 Honours in Computer Science with Electronics.

Modules Taken:
  • Software Development Techniques,
  • Electronics in Computer Systems,
  • Digital Electronics,
  • Signal Systems,
  • Internet Technologies,
  • Professional Project and Practice,
  • Systems Engineering,
  • Introductory to Computer Graphics
    (2D Graphics),
  • Advanced Computer Graphics
    (3D Graphics),

  • Directed Study
    • Modern Communications,
    • Power Electronics,

Dissertation: Algorithms for Thermal Models,

North Leamington Community School and Arts College(1996 - 2003)

  • General Studies (B),
  • Geography (B),
  • Computing(C),
  • Mathematics (D),
  • English Literature (D),
  • English Language (A,B),
  • English Literature (B),
  • Geography (B),
  • Electronics (B),
  • Double Science (B,B),
  • Information Technology (A),
  • Mathematics (A),
  • German (C),
GCSE Short course:
  • Religous Education(C),

Other Qualifications and Training:

Full Driving Licence (Clean)
Cardiff University I-Solve Business Planning Winning Group (January 2011)
Basic First Aid - Appointed Person (September 2009)
MAS Purchasing Seminars (March 2009)
SIM's Advanced & Intermediate Day Course (March 2008)
Kitchen and Bathroom CAD & Customer Service Training (December 2006)
Millennium Volunteers 100 hours Certificate, (June 2005)

Work Experience

Noisegatemedia (2015 - Current)
Senior Web Developer

My role as a Web Developer at Noisegatemedia involves developing and maintaining over 100 websites, with systems and services for a wide range of clients from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Using Notepadd++ and Netbeans IDE, I develop both new web applications and also provide support/enhancements to current applications using primarily, PHP 7.3, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, MySQL developing modularised plugins and themes on CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla, Symfony, WordPress and bespoke CMS systems.

I manage projects through the whole development and deployment process using the agile methodology for software development. Incorporating specification writing and quoting, ensuring that code written conforms to necessary standards, and is properly tested and documented. Building code to interact and integrate with third part API’s where appropriate. Storing changes in repositories in GIT and Bitbucket/Source tree.

Deployment of sites through FTP, SSH and internal web folder management or import/export tools. With ongoing management of these sites to keep them updated through monthly manual and automatic update procedures depending on the projects needs. The monitoring of sites uptime/down time and immediate reactive response of issues when detected.

Ongoing reporting of sites periodically utilising analytical reports, running site Speed Testers and SEO tools to better understand sites performance. Uterlizing feedback to plan appropriate improvements of the site for better indexing and user experience.

Domain Management of accounts in a variety of domain name registration companies with Domain Zone management either through nameserver configuration or advance DNS settings. This also includes deploying websites email integrations employing secure DKIM and DMAC polices and bug fixing email delivery failures.

I ensure the proper security and administration of web hosting accounts on apache web server, on operating systems like CentOS and Cloud Linux with domain management integrations like cPanel Plesk servers, ensuring maximum uptime and updates performed on a regular basis as well as deployment of Let’s Encrypt and commercial SSL certificates.

I also go through a process of continued learning, and documentation of processes and knowledge in the online wiki. Notice future developments within the CMS community to identify upcoming potential security issues and changes to popular plugins and coding techniques. Inputting my experience into developing new products and business planning. As well as imparting my extensive skills and knowledge through training sessions with staff and clients.

Freelancer (2014-2015)
- Web Developer (PHP)

As a freelancer, I developed the commercial eCommerce training website Synergy Training Group. which used a bespoke CMS and using the Paypal API. I also wrote a tool that independently audits websites in areas of Search Engine Optimisation and Disability aided through a specifically written website analysis report that I have written.

FPS Ltd (2012-2014)
- Web Developer (PHP)

In this job I developed and maintained the Hub+ (FPS’s internal website) as well as other websites looked after by the company. This includes documenting a development guide to keep record of the design techniques and location of pertinent files on relevant developed web sites. I primarily developed project specifications in line with expected style and functionality identifying the most efficient framework and programming languages for the task.

My other general responsibilities included answering incoming phone calls when lines became busy and direct callers to the appropriate person in the business. Perform general weekly database updates to the cross reference application, Transfer F:drive setups files and product image updates. I also completed a monthly statistical report and retrieved F:Drive feedback submissions.

King Edward VI Grammar School (2007 - 2010)
- SIMS Data Manager

This is a job with a greatly variable daily routine in assisting teaching staff and students with their use of the ICT systems and activities in the school, with a need to prioritising the most important jobs efficiently and effectively. I am also involved in the continuous maintenance of hardware and software systems to ensure safe and secure operation of the school networks.

I coordinated the entry and use of all pupil and staff data using the SIMS, Assessment Manager and Nova T system. To create a list of absence pupils each morning, informing parents of missing marks and persistent late arrivals via email. In charge of the entry of Behaviour and Detention information, managing pupil performance data and tracking/progress. Completing the various school censuses and perform the annual ‘performance process’ for all school data in SIMS. Acting as a first aider for students and staff when the occasion warranted. To troubleshoot IT and Sims related queries and issues, and maintain an audit of computing equipment. I was the school's web developer responsible for building managing the school website, moving the eLearning platform forward using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create elegant feature rich resources and mini sites for various projects.

SMT Developments (2008 - 2009)
- Assistant to the Commercial Manager

The main aspect to this role was to support the manager in the day-to-day running of the commercial department. On receipt of client’s orders for PCB manufacturing, I was responsible for insuring that the insertion of the BOM’s (Bill of Materials) onto the system within time scale required and accurately checked through by Account Managers. This often required the creation of new or use of existing part descriptions held on the inventory control system. Following the release of a BOM to purchasing, the electronic components required order cover with consideration for effective price on quantity in the lead time, based on a selection of approved suppliers. Through this I have gained an in-depth knowledge of electronic components and the processes required in the population of circuit boards.

My other main responsibilities included managing through Sage outstanding purchase orders to make sure they arrived when they were due and to pursue the orders where necessary.  To monitor levels of components in the MRP software ensuring a continuous flow of stock replenishment while making the appropriate Account Manager aware of any developing situations. To make aware any issues that may affect production dates to the Account Managers and staff in the production meetings each day. Furthermore I answered incoming telephone calls, relaying communications between colleges. I also gained experience within other departments including receipt of stock from deliveries and assigning it to appropriate locations within the storage area, as well as selecting components ready for the production floor.

Homebase Ltd (2001 - 2007)
- Senior Showroom Sales Assistant

I have gained retail experience within all departments and working accross several stores. The duties that I had include organizing people’s requests on show rooms, customer liaison and financing. The generation of kitchens and bathroom designs on the CAD system and selling of made to measure blinds. Advising customers on matching additional kitchen and bathroom accessories to their orders.

Handling customer service enquires, from customers in store and on the phone. I was trained in the use of the wood cutting machine, paint mixing machine, supervising the tills and customer service desk which could include collecting the days taking at the end of the day. The other responsibilities I had were for the picking of customer orders and informing the customer of its arrival into the store. I also received several accommodations for good customer service as well consistantly achived high percentage of sales per month on showrooms.

  • Takings above ₤23,000 between 26th December & 31st January 2007
  • Won ABA award for service to mystery customer, December 2006.
  • Reached more then 130% of target in December 2006.
  • I controlled 37% of sales out of 5 people in October 2006>


I am a keen amateur genealogist who loves the challenge of trying to find out history of his family running my own website. I enjoy working, building and programming with computers in my spare time. I am also an active Christian and member of my local church. I enjoy socialising with others and going out in particular going to the cinema and reading.

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